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Model Demonstration Eco-Farm and Tribal Support Project

We are just beginning

Climbing the mountain of environmental change is no solo task.  Every helping hand can make a difference and together these hands can create a sustainable world for all.

We feel the physical health of the nation is reflected in the health of the planet. “Punching holes in the ozone layer is like drilling holes in our skulls. Destroying the forests is like hacking away our own limbs. Allowing the soil to erode is like ripping off our own skin.” (quote from ‘At the 11th hour’ )

With an inspired in-country team of capable Western and Indian staff and the growing acceptance of a tribal community, we’re starting to work towards long-term sustainable change right at the heart of where it is needed. (See about us)

Make a difference

With your help and commitment to tackling long-term environmental problems, we can address grass-roots issues one step at a time, creating sustainable futures for tribal people and regenerating degrade earth.  Together we can working towards creating a model demonstration of excellence, aiming to become self-sufficient within three years.

We are currently seeking funds for Phase two of our overall project.  With £9,295 secured we are currently seeking £4,000 to help us stay on track and deliver Phase two by February 2010.

See our video showing where we’re coming from:

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 Goal * Current funding request * Environmental Impacts